Robbers Roost Trail, Idaho – 7/6/13

I went on one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on this past Saturday, to Robbers Roost Trail, near Inkom, Idaho. I met up with my hiking partner, Vic, in Inkom (marked B on the below maps), then headed to the turn off for the dirt/rock road (marked C below) which would lead us to where we would start the hike.

Yellowstone Ave to S Old Highway 91 - sat  highway 91 to trailhead

We then took the highlighted road below to a clearing where we started the hike. From that point it was bush whacking to the dotted orange line, which is the Boundary Trail. That lead us to the dashed orange line, which is the Robbers Roost Trail. The topo map below is the actual GPS track of our hike out and back. Below those is a screen shot of the Trimble Outdoors page for our hike from the GPS file. It was a total of 8.16 miles for the hike, out and back.

Idaho Parks   Recreation  hike gps map

Robbers Roost Trail hike   Hiking in Idaho

Below are photos I took that are about a quarter mile from where we parked the truck and started bush whacking. The first picture is looking east toward Haystack Mountain. The second photo is looking south/southwest, and captures Old Tom Mountain on the left and Scout Mountain on the right. The third photo also shows those two mountains as well as Indian Mountain on the far right. The fourth photo is looking south, Oxford Peak is on the left and Elkhorn Peak is on the right.

IMG_8315  IMG_8316

IMG_8317  IMG_8319

After the bush whacking, we followed a game trail which would end up leading us to the Boundary Trail. That in turn would lead us to the Robbers Roost Trail.

IMG_8327  IMG_8328

IMG_8329  IMG_8333

Once we started up the Robbers Roost Trail, we were able to see more of Haystack Mountain and the surrounding rock cliffs.

IMG_8347  IMG_8356

We then came upon a really cool hole in the rock and trees that the trail lead you through. Of course, Vic being the smart-ass he is, advised I could go around if I couldn’t fit my wide body through.

IMG_8374  IMG_8377

Some miscellaneous shots along the way.

IMG_8382  IMG_8385

IMG_8387  IMG_8398

IMG_8406  IMG_8413


We ran into some faded Himalayan prayer flags along the way, which was kinda cool.

IMG_8431  IMG_8433

We made our final push for the ridge line and the end of the Robbers Roost Trail.

IMG_8441  IMG_8442

IMG_8448  IMG_8449

Finally made the top!

IMG_8460  IMG_8461

Views to the west of the ridge line.

IMG_8463  IMG_8464

IMG_8465  IMG_8466

Views to the east of the ridge line.

IMG_8467  IMG_8468

First picture below is looking north, and second looking south along the ridge line.

IMG_8469  IMG_8472

Two final shots that I took on the way back down.

IMG_8480  IMG_8490

Here’s the video from the hike:

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